Safety And Security Glass Options: The Pros And Cons Of Security Film Versus Tempered Glass

Security glass filming is a glass treatment that is available for homes, offices and retail storefronts. This procedure utilizes high tech materials such as thin layers of polyester to shield glass against shattering.

Security filming involves a relatively simple installation process, which make it a great Do-It-Yourself project for many homeowners.

Security film is a low cost alternative to tempered glass. Rolls of these specialized materials can easily be found online or in hardware stores for under £100.

The Finished Product Looks Like Untreated Glass
The layers of material are often crystal clear, invisible to the naked eye, and yet they serve to hold the glass in place in the event that someone, such as a burglar, or something, such as inclement weather, threatens to shatter it. The glass will still crack, but the film will hold the glass in place, effectively keeping the offending forces outside temporarily.

Because the glass doesn’t shatter everywhere, but is instead held in place by the security film, the treated glass poses less of a safety risk than untreated shattered glass, which can cause serious injury to those in the surrounding area.

It can, with much time and effort, be broken into eventually, but when combined with an alarm, can serve as a highly effective deterrent for would be thieves. This is due to the fact that, more often then not, burglars are in and out of residences and shops in less than 5 minutes.

Toughened Glass
Toughened glass, also called tempered glass, is a glass that’s been processed to increase its strength. Tempered glass is a frequent fixture in places such as storefronts, government buildings, banks, or any other areas where security is at major priority.

Tempered glass is very strong. Some types of tempered glass are so strong, in fact, that they’ve been able to withstand a barrage of bullets. (Of course, in the interest of safety, it is not recommended that anyone test this on his or her own tempered glass doors or windows.)

Unlike security film, professionals must install toughened glass, as they know how to manipulate it safely.

Compared to basic security filming, toughened glass is quite expensive because of the increased cost of materials and installation. However, it is significantly stronger and longer lasting. It generally needs replacement only when shattered due to human impact or adverse conditions.

When it comes to safety and security glass, there are many options available to property owners no matter the size of the property or budget. Be sure to take into consideration the unique needs of your home or office, so that you never have to go with untreated windows or doors, as it’s a risk that, for most, is simply not worth taking.