SafeFamilyLife Safety and Security Kits – Keeping Your Family Safe

In today’s world, the statistics speak for themselves: a violent crime is committed every 20 seconds and burglary takes places every 10 seconds. With these terrifying facts before them, families must do everything within their power to protect themselves and their property that they have earned through hard work. SafeFamilyLife Safety and Security Kits arm you with the knowledge and training that you need to take down an intruder. There are six kits that meet the needs of families. The Ultimate Apartment Survival kit, Being Safe at Home kit, the Extreme College Survival kit, the Ultimate Office Safety Security kit, the Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women, and the Ultimate Vehicle Safety kit.

The SafeFamilyLife Safety and Security Kits include everything you need to keep you and your family safe in any situation. The Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women includes, among other items, an instructional video entitled “The Clave”. In this video, women can learn techniques that will enable them to take on an attacker or multiple attackers who are much bigger. An ex-Iranian Secret Service Agent, who teaches you to defend yourself while on the ground, teaches the instructional video in the Ultimate Vehicle Safety kit. This type of “street fighting” is very effective.

SafeFamilyLife Safety and Security Kits also offer instructional videos and kits for apartment living. The video included in this package will teach you the long forgotten fighting style of the gladiators of Rome. These techniques are sure to be eye opening, unlike anything you have seen before, and your attacker has not seen them either, giving you another advantage. Within the Being Safe at Home kit is a video taught by a United States Special Forces combat expert, who trains you in what he refers to as “American Combat Karate”. These techniques will keep your family safe no matter what the attacker uses as a weapon.

All of these kits have one thing in common in that they all contain instructional videos that can save your life and the lives of your loved ones. They are a must in today’s increasingly violent world. SafeFamilyLife Safety and Security Kits give you a major advantage over anyone who tries to take away what you have worked so hard to have. This will be the best investment that you make in your family’s future and you can pass the techniques you learn on to your children and their children.