Personal Safety and Security in a Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, chaos naturally follows. We’d all like to think that the good in humans come out then. But altruism does not always rule the day and that is simply human nature. Whether you find yourself facing a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, wildfire, or tsunami, it is essential to take your own personal safety and security in a natural disaster into consideration. The sad fact is that when natural disaster strikes, some people will seek personal gain. You must arm and protect yourself and there are a number of products on the market that can help you stay secure.

First, it is always best to employ common sense as your first line of defense of your personal safety and security in a natural disaster. Stay aware of your situation and surroundings. Stay informed by listening to the news on a battery operated radio or watching it on television if your power is working. Make sure you stay in communication with your family and friends and with emergency service personnel if needed. Products to help you stay informed and in communication are available. You want to think portable supplies and battery operated. If you have no power or need to evacuate, it must be easy to take with you.

Next you’ll want to consider legal ways of arming yourself to ensure your personal safety and security in a natural disaster. Pepper spray is one of the best option you have for arming yourself against any looters, marauders or other potential danger. Pepper spray is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes and causes difficulty in breathing when sprayed directly at the perpetrator’s face. One thing to take into consideration is that you must be fairly close to your target, using small pepper spray cans, in order to effectively dose them with the pepper spray. We recommend that you keep a one pound can available for home defense and crowd control. The lasting effect of pepper spray varies, but typically can be counted on to disable the perpetrator for up to an hour in some manner.

Another way of ensuring your personal safety is through the use of a stun gun. Stun guns deliver an electric shock to the perpetrator and cause them to go into involuntary muscle spasms. This gives you time to put distance between yourself and the person intending to do you harm. Stun guns cause acute pain when administered effectively. Stun guns are used by police departments nationwide. Whatever personal security methods you choose, advance planing and preparedness is always best.