Personal Care, Safety, and Security – Awareness

Most people do not usually think about personal care, safety, and security items. However, when a significant event occurs such as a flu pandemic or a personal injury, everyone’s mind begins to focus on the personal care, safety, and security items needed to combat the crisis. This article lists the most needed personal care, safety, and security items that everyone should be aware.

Personal Care Items – Among the top personal care items are feminine hygiene products and personal amenities such as mouthwash, toothpaste, and soap. When the flu is in season, personal respirator masks become very popular along with hand sanitizers. While these top items should be of no surprise to most people not everyone is as diligent in keeping them in stock because of the following issues:

  1. Feminine hygiene products – Because of the woman’s need for discretion and availability during travel, feminine hygiene products are the number one personal care item most often missing when they are needed. For this reason, modern facilities around the world have provided feminine hygiene vending dispensers and sanitary napkin disposal containers in most public restrooms for women. In addition, many discrete carrying cases are available for feminine hygiene products.
  2. Personal amenities – While mouthwash, soap and toothpaste are very affordable and available in developed countries, they are often not found in public restrooms except for the most pricy facilities like country clubs and high class hotels. The pocket size instant hand sanitizers have become a modern day solution by many people to combat germs along with other pocket size toiletries.
  3. Respirator masks/hand sanitizers – A mask with a rating of N95 or better along with hand sanitizers became the personal care necessity for people concerned about contracting the H1N1 virus. Supply shortages occurred all over the world as people rushed to purchase all available stock. While in theory the mask filters the virus, proper handling of the mask is essential. Any live virus on the outside of the mask can be transmitted during removal or reuse of the mask if a hand sanitizer is not used.

Personal Safety Items – Among the top three personal safety items are first aid kits, fire protection equipment and body protection devices such as eye, mouth, ear, back, knee etc. protection. Each of these items is discussed below:

  1. First aid kits – Because of the need to be prepared in the case of an emergency, first aid kits are the number one personal safety item in a home, office, auto, boat or public transport vehicle. Many people put together their own first aid kits in lieu of purchasing one. Typical contents include supplies and equipment to stop bleeding, administer CPR, and dress wounds. Often some medicines are also included in the first aid kits.
  2. Fire protection equipment – Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors top the list in this category. Fire extinguishers are present most frequently in a home, office, auto, boat, and public transport vehicles to fight a fire before it spreads. Smoke detectors are present to detect a fire before it gets started and to wake people when they are sleeping.
  3. Body protection devices – Safety glasses / goggles are used more than any other devices to protect people from personal injury. Hard hats, safety shoes, back supports, and coveralls are added to safety glasses when working on construction sites. Unique environments on the jobs may require the use of ear plugs & ear muffs, knee pads, respirators & masks, and/or safety vests.

Personal security items – Weapons are by far the number one item that comes to mind for personal security. Next in order of awareness are security locks and systems. Finally, when large public facilities think of security, they consider the need for crowd management.

  1. Weapons – While mentioned first for personal security, weapons should only be used by the trained professional (police, National Guard, or private security professional). Most security guards do not carry weapons, choosing to carry two way radios and crowd control batons.
  2. Security locks and systems – A lock to keep out the uninvited guest is the second most popular device. Locks can range from the simple combination lock to complete security systems with visitor chimes and burglar alarms.
  3. Crowd management – Security is often simply the act of maintenance of order. Crowd control post and roping may be the only thing necessary to provide personal security for the people working in an office.

The top three personal care, safety, and security items listed above are by no means the complete list of what people believe they need. Not everything listed above is appropriate for everyone but the awareness that these needs exist is important for everyone.