Home Security Isn’t the Only Thing You Should Be Concerned About – Safety and Security at the Office

We often spend a significant amount of time on securing our homes. We install home security systems, invest in motion lights, double-check the locks on our doors before going to bed and put fire alarms outside of every bedroom. We think of our homes as our havens, our own territory and domain. Home security is an issue on the mind of every homeowner or renter in America and something of which individuals generally simply take charge.

Though we tend to be extra conscious of home security, the same tends not to be the case in office safety and security. It is easy to forget even the most basic safety standards while at work. And while the fast-paced working world today means that many of us actually spend more time at the office than at home, we very often forget to think about our own safety and security while at work.

Take note of a few at-work safety and security tips and make sure that your home security system is comparable to the safety mechanisms you employ in your workplace:

1. Study Security

Observe what security and safety measures have been taken at your workplace. If you work in a building, inquire as to what visitor policies are. How lax is the doorman? What credentials are required for someone to enter? Find escape routes in case of fires and emergencies, and ask about policies regarding robbery or intrusion. If you work in the reception area, ask if a lock can be put on the door to the office so that you can decide who to let in. Find out whether an alarm system similar to your own home security system has been put into place.

2. Lock Up

In an ideal world, you would be able to confide completely in your coworkers. In the real world, you cannot. Whenever you step away from your desk, make sure all valuable items are out of sight. If you’ve got a lock on one of your desk drawers, use it. If you don’t, ask for one to be put in. Leave nothing of extreme importance at the office overnight. If you have a laptop or cell phone that is used only for the office, ask about a secure place you can keep it overnight.

3. Be Aware

We’ve all heard it before – don’t walk to your car or to the train late at night alone. And while we know that this is probably the best advice, most of us don’t always take it. When walking to and from work, be especially aware of your surroundings. Early morning and late evening are perfect times for aggressors to attack. Set up a car pool system or ask a co-worker or security guard to accompany you. Taking such caution may seem silly, but it’s worth it.

Safety and security must always stay in the back of the mind. If you’ve taken so much trouble to install an expensive home security system in your house, why not ask for a lock for your desk drawer at work?