Be Prepared For More Than Just Dictation: Ultimate Office Safety and Security Kit

In a small town in Oklahoma, an unprecedented string of events in the country have affected people to the point that many have applied for gun permits under the Self-Defense Act. The year’s not yet over and already more than 200 licenses have been issued. Imagine living and working in the bigger cities where crime is a daily occurrence and threats continue to hover over every individual. And this isn’t a situation exclusive to developed countries like the US; it’s happening all over the world. Does this mean everyone should start carrying a gun? What about at work? Is there any other way to protect ourselves?

Office safety and security is not just a term for avoiding accidents anymore. It’s not about making sure anyone get injured working with the equipment or climbing slippery stairs. Today and in the past few years, it has also become about survival. For this reason, the Ultimate Office Safety and Security Kit has become a staple office item for many women and men who have stay late at work or come in during weekends.

One does not have to arm himself because this kit has self-defense items you can use to disarm or distract an attacker or intruder long enough to get away safely. In fact, an office manager or business owner would be right in conducting a security lecture with a professional coming to show the staff some basic tricks on how to use the items found in a useful kit such as this, as well some moves on how to get away safely.

By learning some basic maneuvers and arming employees with standard self-defense equipment like a Taser, stun guns, and surveillance cameras, a business owner is openly admitting to concern about employee safety while working.

Some of the recommended actions that can be done when there is a hostile intruder in the office would be to lock the staff safely in one room before calling the authorities. One should never set off the alarm unless it is a silent alarm, because this will cause the intruder to panic and put everyone inside the office in even greater risk.

It would be good, but unrealistic, to expect everyone to remain calm. This is why the security and safety kits can be used to relax anyone on the verge of screaming. The items in the kit are not going to kill anyone so it should be safe to hand over to an agitated employee.

If the intruder starts to fire a gun or yield a weapon, you could either run (just don’t run in a straight line) or play dead. If you get caught, avoid fighting back. Your best option would be to follow the instructions of the intruder.

Sometimes, none of these actions will be necessary if you know how to use the objects found inside the kit. But first you have to get the kit and have some practice sessions as a group. Just as you all work as a team in the company, you have to learn to come together when danger is present. The Ultimate Office Safety Kit is one of the best ways to survive a hostile attack.