Apartment Safety and Security

The number of condominiums and apartments is growing very fast in towns and big cities, thus offering a solution to the problem of accommodating large populations in such cities and metros. Many people prefer living in commercial districts to be close to their workplace. The benefits of staying in a commercial district are many. It gives residents an easy opportunity to enjoy living close to the malls, restaurants, sources of entertainment and commercial institutions. Perhaps, the most important benefit is the fact that it helps avoiding awful traffic at rush hours.

When searching for a condominium or an apartment, you need to consider some factors beyond just the accessibility and construction of the complex. One should assess the available safety and security measures and check the extent to which the association of homeowners and the management follow them. The most usual safety features comprise of fire and burglar alarms. You should also check the provision and status of the fire exits. Their signage should be visible to all. The number of fire exits should be adequate for all the residents to easily escape the building in case of a fire.

The mere provision of safety measures doesn’t suffice. It is important to see how the measures are executed in the building. Be sure to check that security guards and other staff are wearing photo identity cards. The company managing the building conveys that it cares for the safety of its residents by making it mandatory for their workers to wear photo identity cards. Another security measure is the use of keycards, which have so far been used by hotels, but are now being frequently used for apartments or condominiums. For additional security, this may be used with a pin code or password.

Proper lighting goes to enhance the security of a building. All entrances, hallways and walkways should be adequately lighted to discourage crimes. If an electric bulb needs replacement, you should report the matter to the responsible person or replace it yourself, and inform the concerned personnel. It is critical for the parking garage to be secured. This is because thieves often use that area for accessing the apartments in a residential complex. The rear of the building must be well lighted, for that is another area from where thieves sneak into the building.

Security should not be restricted to residents alone. You should know how visitors are treated. Apartments that insist on a photo identity card of a visitor for issuing visitors’ passes clearly demonstrate how serious they are about the security of their residents.

A building may be installed with a highly effective system of security, but it will not help unless all residents cooperate in making the place safe and secured. That makes it vitally important to work in association with other occupants occupying the same block and ensure that all guests are monitored and the doors remain locked. The doors should only be opened after having established the identity of the visitor. Moreover, occupants should not leave the door open at the entrance of building, thus allowing strangers to come into the building. If the buzzer at the entrance is properly maintained, and the residents are cooperative, there may be no security guard for keeping a watch on the block.

Security is vital and one should ensure that safety and security features incorporated in a residential complex are adequate and well-maintained.