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Providing Safety and Security For Children Begins With Structure

Throughout the life of your child, one of the greatest things that you can do for him is to provide as much safety and security as possible. Early on, he needs to know that you will be there for him. He needs to feel safe with you no matter where you are. Your infant will get this sense of security when you follow through with your tasks of parenting. During this time, your child will feel secure when he is fed, when his diaper is changed and he is clean, when he sleeps and when you respond to his cries.

Between six months and one year of age, it will help you to start establishing a routine with your child. Do your best to make his meal times as consistent as possible, especially when he begins to eat solid foods. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are at the same time everyday. Now this doesn’t always work out, but do your best to follow the schedule. Bedtime should be the same every night. And make going to bed a ritual. Try and make this the same every night.

Keeping to a schedule and ritualizing bedtimes amounts to structure. You are beginning to provide a structure for your child (and for you!). All children respond better when there is a structure in place. They know what to expect. So many of the children I have dealt with over the years tended to come from homes where there was no structure in place. The kids never knew what to expect. They often didn’t even know if they would get breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some did not know who mom would be bringing home tonight because the father abandoned them years before. Sad, sad stories. And the worst part is that this lack of structure is more prevalent in our culture than we care to admit.

Much of what we refer to as safety and security amounts to structure for a child. When children know what to expect, they will develop more rapidly and consistently. A sense of safety and security allows them to explore their environment more freely. It allows them to grow without the hindrance of being hungry or having parents that operate on their own selfish schedules and agendas.

Begin to provide this structure early on and you will reap benefits throughout the life of your child. Structure helps to provide that sense of safety and security that your child needs. When children don’t feel secure, they become more frightened. They begin to find other ways to get their needs met. And many of these ways are unhealthy and unsafe. Provide structure and you will provide safety and security.

Home Movers Guide to Safety and Security

Moving to a new home can be an enjoyable and traumatic experience in equal measures! As home owners ourselves who have moved many times we know how worrying living in a new neighbourhood can be, when you are unfamiliar with the area.

We recommend that you use these early days in your new home to review your safety and security for the following reasons:

* You will be naturally be more alert and objective to potential risks and dangers when you first move into an area and a new property

* You can fit new equipment and devices before you decorate so wiring etc can be easily concealed

* Test any equipment that came with the property thoroughly and ensure it is fit for purpose. The advances in technology of safety and security products in recent years means that the capability and cost of replacement devices etc, may be more economical and effective than keeping ones that came with the property.

* The kit you brought from your last home may not fit or work as well in the new one.

* As you are planning the layout and use of your new home think about safety and security aspects. A lot of safety and security products are ‘one off’ purchases that will give a lifetime of protection. Start as you mean to go on!

* We strongly recommend that the majority of homes will need a safe, a good torch, window locks, door chain, smoke and CO alarms, and a burglar alarm at the very least.

Career Spotlight – Public Safety and Security

Do you have the urge to save people in distress or take feasible measures to safeguard the interest of the civilians at the time of crisis? If you have answered these questions in the affirmative, then obtaining a degree in public safety and security would pave the way for a bright career for you.

Terrorism, politically motivated riots, wars, accidents and natural disasters have made it imperative to revise current public safety measures. These events have thus made the study of Public Safety even more necessary in United States. There is growing demand for trained professionals in the field of Public safety and security. Many young aspirants are joining this noble profession in huge numbers and are undoubtedly the future heroes of the American nation.

Whenever there is a catastrophe, it is but natural for people to get panicky and worsen the situation. Though immediate paramedical help and rescuers reach the spot to save lives of the people, most of time it is too late for some to survive the ordeal. This calls for a greater number of people to join this services.

With the ever increasing problem of population explosion, sudden adverse situations such as earthquakes are bound to endanger the lives of people especially in congested cosmopolitan cities. It’s high time that current disaster management systems are improvised to suit to the current needs of the society at large. This calls for setting of advanced technology in relation to response systems and command systems. Rescue teams and agencies have to develop effective measures to cope with the changing demands.

The U.S. government has invested huge sum in creating new agencies at different levels which are committed to deliver using well trained quick task forces.

This career is quite a challenging field. If you wish to join these services, obtaining recognized public safety degrees and security degrees from a reputable institute, college or school could give a boost to your career.

Here is a list of some universities, colleges and schools catering to courses in public safety and public security:

Walden University - offers Doctorate Program in Public Policy, Public Administration.

Capella University - provides Masters Degree in Public Security Leadership and Emergency Management

University of Maryland- provides online Bachelors degree in the course of Emergency Management.

Bellevue University – provides both Bachelors and Masters degree in Security Management.

Public Security Degrees obtained from online mode of education are also called as public safety degrees. You have the option to go in for Bachelors or Masters online programs. These programs have theory and practical papers on public safety ethics, leadership, social leadership and crisis management. Online mode of securing public security degrees is quite popular among working professionals in the U.S.